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Principal's Message

Welcome back to school! I am excited to serve as the principal of Amanda Elzy High School for the 2021-2022 school year.  The world we live in today is totally different from the world we lived in prior to 2020. We have been tasked with social distancing and are expected to wear masks to prevent the spread of a highly contagious disease for which there is no cure.  Coping with this has been quite the transition for most of us, and it has not been easy. In the midst of it all, we also have to make adjustments and press forward. However, we are anticipating our students’ return this academic year as we have done in all previous years, and we are looking forward to providing them with the safest and most conducive environment for learning. 


One of our main goals is to ensure that all of our students are continuing to receive quality instruction even while we navigate the physical differences that this pandemic is forcing.  This school year, all students will be back in our buildings. We are indeed excited to be here to embrace them and provide that high quality learning experience needed for college and career.


Another goal is to strengthen our school climate by getting parents more involved in their child’s learning and communicating more with all stakeholders. We will be reaching out to parents and other stakeholders more than ever this year through many different avenues to ensure that we all have a voice and are working toward a common mission. We will be using the GLCSD Facebook page, the GLCSD website, the AEHS newsletters, e-mail, radio, and telephone calls. We urge all of our parents to understand that you play a very important role in the lives of our students and in our community, and we are really going to need your support as we embark on these new teaching and learning initiatives.


As we seek to communicate and collaborate more with our students, parents, and other stakeholders, we hope to create and sustain a positive teaching and learning environment that is vital to academic achievement. We want to see more student engagement and collaboration while following CDC guidelines. Through sound leadership and support, our district and school administration are all making preparations for the future.


I would welcome the chance to talk to each of you about any issues, concerns, or requests that you may have to enable us to grow in a positive direction. I can be reached at 662-459-8034 or [email protected]


Educationally yours,


Aiyetoro Roy, Ed.S.