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Graduation Requirements

Mississippi Diploma Options
Begins with incoming freshmen of 2018-2019

Mississippi has two diploma options: The Traditional Diploma and the Alternate Diploma. The Traditional Diploma is for all students. The
Alternate Diploma is an option for students with a Significant Cognitive Disability (SCD).
Traditional Diploma Endorsement Options
Curriculum Area Carnegie Units Required Subjects
English 4 English I and English II
Mathematics 4 Algebra I
Science 3 Biology I
Social Studies 3 1/2 
1 World History
1 US History
1/2 US Government
1/2 Economics
1/2 Mississippi Studies
Physical Education 1/2  
Health 1/2  
Arts 1  
College and Career Readiness 1 Must occur in the student's junior or senior year, or in the student completion of a 4 year sequence.
Technology or Computer Science 1  
Additional Electives 5 1/2  
Total Units Required 24  
Alternate Diploma Option
Curriculum Area Carnegie Units Required Subjects
English 4 Alternate English Elements I - IV
Math 4
Alternate Math Elements I - III
Alternate Algebra Elements
Science 2
Alternate Biology Elements
Alternate Science Elements II
Social Studies 2
Alternate History Elements
(Strands: US History and World History)
Alternate Social Studies Elements
(Strands: Economics and US Government)
Physical Science 1/2  
Heath  1/2 Alternate Health Elements
Arts 1  
Career Readiness 4
Career Readiness I - IV
(Strands: Technology, Systems, Employability, and Social)
Life Skills Development 4
Life Skills Development I - IV
(Strands: Technology, Systems, Personal Care, and Social)
Additional Electives 2  
Total Units Required  24  
See Counselor for Traditional Diploma Endorsement Options