Welcome to Amanda Elzy High School

The mission of Amanda Elzy High School is to unify, educate, and prepare all students for college and career by providing a high quality learning experience.
A community united to improve the quality of life through education.
Investing in our future by developing every student.
20/20 Vision
Amanda Elzy High School is a progressive school in which students are prepared to achieve academically at their highest level, surrounded by an engaged community that is proud of its educational system.  In fulfilling the MISSION and VISION of Amanda Elzy High School, the following goals have been established:
Goal 1:  Amanda Elzy will be safe and conducive for learning to take place for all students.  Our intent is to build strong and positive relationships with our school community. 
Goal 2:  Amanda Elzy will support a teaching staff who are prepared to instruct students daily so that they are prepared to leave our school and be able to experience success in college and/or workplace. 
Goal 3:  Amanda Elzy will expose students to high levels of rigor and researched based practices in all classrooms. 
Goal 4:  Amanda Elzy will grow 80% of the bottom 25th percentile students in ELA & Math.  We will also increase proficiency in Biology and U.S. History by 10% for the 2021-2022 school year.
Goal 5:  Amanda Elzy will increase the ACT Composite score by 10% for students scoring 17 or above for the 2021-2022 school year.